Employer Testimonials

"The Youth Apprenticeship not only allows students to gain knowledge and experiences in a career of interest, but also provides the opportunity to build relationships throughout the organization. These things combined help promote both personal and professional growth and success."


Jill Skarda, Manitowoc Cranes: HR Representative


“The Youth Apprenticeship Program has allowed our industry to work to fill a void in the workforce.  The Building Industry is in great need of talented, hard working employees and Youth Apprenticeship not only allows us an interested person in our trade but allows us to groom that youth into the details of the trade.  We have had and continue to have great success with the program as we enter our second year. ”


Brandon Bartow


“We believe the Youth Apprenticeship is valuable because it allows us to develop our own CNC machinists. Today’s manufacturing field demands highly skilled employee’s, that we have a hard time finding to keep our business successful. This program allows us be proactive in the future development of our future workforce as our Generation X employees retire. This program also provides students direct experience in the manufacturing field. It allows them the opportunity to decided if this a career for them or not.”


Kirk Eichmann



"I joined the Youth Apprenticeship in spring of 2014. The youth apprenticeship staff was great in helping set me up with the “right fit” for our company. The young gentleman was great, good attitude & ready to work. I truly believe this program is the future for many companies. I look forward to the group in spring!"


Jim Reif

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